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Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing

Our Cezanne Keratin based treatment is designed to tame unruly hair whilst improving health, condition & shine.


We believe that keratin smoothing treatments shouldn’t interrupt your entire life. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, Cezanne seals into the hair before you leave the salon. Other keratin treatments need time to bond with the hair, leaving your smooth hair susceptible to daily exposure and environmental elements.

Immediately after a Cezanne Treatment, you can do anything you want: style your hair, go swimming, or go to the gym. With Cezanne, there are no trade-offs because our formula and our process is like no other!

No Wait for Shampooing!

Traditional keratin treatments need more time to set into hair, forcing you to wait several days to shampoo your hair after a keratin treatment. With Cezanne, there’s no wait time. You can shampoo your hair immediately after your treatment if you’d like!

No Wait for Styling!

For the first several days after a traditional keratin treatment, you may have to keep your hair down and straight – no ponytails, buns, clips or braids. You may not even be able to brush your hair! Cezanne keratin treatments allow you to style your hair without worry, your hair will remain smooth and frizz-free.

No Wait for Exercise!

We believe that getting a keratin treatment shouldn't keep you from going to the gym. Traditional keratin treatments recommend waiting at least three days before high levels of activity which cause sweating. There’s no wait period with Cezanne, no need to postpone your workout routine.

No Wait for Colouring!

Some keratin treatments require a two week wait before color services because colour can interrupt the setting process of a traditional keratin treatment, resulting in uneven texture. Cezanne is different – you can colour the same day without damaging your hair. It is important to consult with your salon professional to determine the best process for a same- day colour and keratin treatment service.



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$400 $450 $480
$450 $520 $550
$550 $620 $650

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We at Cezanne know how important your health and hair are to you. We promise never to use harsh chemicals and have the documentation to prove it. Our product delivers extraordinary results with no trade-offs. Cezanne treatments are 100% formaldehyde-free. They're also free from other aldehydes, all toxins and any harmful ingredients, yet are as long-lasting as other formaldehyde keratin treatments in the same category. Cezanne treatments are non-toxic, naturally safe and effective. There are no vapors or fumes, so there's no need for masks or ventilation during the treatment.
Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, Cezanne treatments won't irritate the scalp or release any noxious gases. They strengthen the hair using a revolutionary low pH technology that restores bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH services.


Cezanne's unique blend of ingredients is non-toxic, naturally safe and effective. Our smoothing treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free. It's hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, won't irritate the scalp and won't release any noxious gases. Cezanne actually strengthens the hair, using a revolutionary low pH that restores bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH services. It's also free from any other kinds of aldehydes and harmful toxins and it's as long-lasting as the current top products. Our proprietary and unique smoothing treatment formulation is composed of Aloe Vera, Sericin (a component of silk), Keratin, Glycolic Acid, vitamins and botanical extracts of Vitamin C, E, B3, B5, B6, and sugar cane, lemon, apple, and green tea extracts. There are no vapors or fumes, so no need for masks, gloves, or ventilation during treatment - it's nature's way of smoothing.



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