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Our Team

Our Team

The standard that we deliver to our guests is high and uncompromising, to ensure our guests receive the very best.




Amanda is a Qualified Master Stylist, Educator and Beauty Therapist. The most important thing to Amanda is the happiness of the salons guests and her team of Stylists that shape the salon into the high end luxurious and welcoming salon that is EBONY EMPIRE.

Also the Founder of REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS and a Hair Extension Specialist and Educator of 11 years. Amanda has spent years traveling the world training salons in all there is to know about hair extensions while always searching for the absolute highest quality of hair extensions along her journey. Amanda now works directly with a hair extension factory to personally design and bring to the salons guests the highest quality of hair extensions available at an affordable price.

AMANDA'S QUOTE: “Your hair is the crown that you never take off”.

AMANDA'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT:  “Kevin Murphy - SHIMMER.SHINE as it releases shine with such a beautiful mist that smells just like Chanel perfume. Shimmer shine treats and repairs your hair as it shines with Vitamins A, C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts. Light reflective technology from high-end skincare adds a brilliant shine to hair with no oily residue. Did I mention that it is shiny!? But in all seriousness SHIMMER.SHINE contains treatment ingredients that repair damaged hair driven by essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins. What’s not to LOVE!?”



Jacqui is a Master Stylist, Qualified Educator and a Head Barber here at Ebony Empire. Specializing in both ladies and gents hair with over 34yrs experience, Jacqui comes to us all the way from England. Before arriving in Australia Jacqui was a Lecturer, Assessor and Auditor and taught at a L’Oreal College.

Jacqui has cut the hair of many celebrities including Pro Footballers, Actors & even Royalty! You may of heard of Prince Edward!

Jacqui says “Hairdressing is my passion, it's an education in life, meeting & gaining trust of so many interesting people with incredible life stories to tell. I couldn’t love my job more, it's a complete privilege”. We believe it is a privilege to have Jacqui on our team!


“Great Hair doesn’t happen by choice! It happens by appointment!”


“My absolute favourite product is Ebony Empires High Volume Powder. It absorbs the Qld humidity & creates incredible volume & hold without setting.”



Bianca the 2IC of Ebony Empire and a Townsville Local! A Qualified Stylist and hairdressing since October 2011. Bianca started her apprenticeship off with winning Apprentice of the year through Torgas.

Bianca specializes in creating the most perfect Blondes + Stunning Upstyles! Bianca has completed additional courses to enhance her skills in Facial Waxing, Tinting, Style Cuts + Creative Colouring. After a Stylist with attention to detail? Bianca is the Stylist for you!

BIANCA'S QUOTE: "Therapy is expensive! Get your hair done instead!"

BIANCA'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Keune Silver Saviour Shampoo + Conditioner because they tone your hair really well without making your hair dry and unhealthy like other blonde shampoos on the market."



Jade is one of our Master Stylists and has been hairdressing for 16 years. Bringing her skills from NSW Jade specializes in bridal, balayage and blondes.

With having completed extra training in Up-styling, Finishing Techniques and 5 separate Balayage courses to perfect her placement and flawless blend you can understand why Jade is titled a Master Stylist!
Jade has had her work showcased at a RAW event and has had various photos of her work published in bridal magazines both in Australia and the UK.

Jades greatest passion is being given the opportunity to be a part of someone's wedding or life milestone, to quote Jade “You’re not just "doing someone's hair" You're being invited into their world and leaving your imprint within a special moment in their life”.

JADE'S QUOTE: (Only when it comes to Up-Styling) “The bigger the better!”

JADE'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “My favorite product is Keune - Satin Oil Treatment. It's a perfect all rounder which treats the hair, can be used to help cut down drying time and polishes the cuticle for a glossy finish. Keune - Satin Oil Treatment can be applied wet or dry, it can be used as a finishing serum and also used to protect the hair for those who swim alot.”



Maddii is an Award Winning Qualified Stylist from Darwin. Maddii has won First Place in the Creative Category Hair Competition as well as Winning Apprentice of the Year - 3 years in a row! Every year of her 3 year apprenticeship!

Maddii specializes in re-style cuts and loves making someones day better by making them feel fantastic with her hairdressing service and skills.

MADDII'S QUOTE: “There’s no such thing as people with bad hair, just people who haven’t found the right hairstylist”

MADDII'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Blonde angel wash - I love that it’s a toning shampoo that makes your hair feel like silk and will never turn you purple.”



Ning started hairdressing at the age of 16, now at the age of 35 she is just as passionate as ever! Ning likes to revamp classic styles and feels that no head, hair or person is the same so does not feel that anyone should have the same hair style! Ning specializes in Balayage, Chemical Straightening and Hair Extensions.

NING'S QUOTE: “Hair is where my heart is!”

NING'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “I Love our Keune Colour range because it’s so moisturising, silky and glossy and my favourite product is Kevin Murphy - Young Again Treatment Oil as it can make the dry and damaged hair feel alive again!”



Jorja is our 3rd year New Talent! Born in Mackay Jorja moved to Townsville 7 years ago. Hairdressing is a huge part of Jorja’s life, it is her passion! Jorja loves being able to change how her guests see themselves, making them feel their absolute best! Jorja lives for the conversations and friendships she builds with her salon guests.

Jorja loves how her career in hairdressing can help her take on the world! Forever learning new techniques she can never see herself getting bored with it! Some of Jorja’s recent accomplishments consists of completing additional hairdressing courses through Wella attending the Dion Labella New York fashion week styling workshop.

Jorja specializes in blondes + loves to foil! She highly enjoys taking her guests through the lightening process with colour corrections from dark to light. She loves to achieve perfect results while keeping the integrity of the hair as best as It can be. Hair health is always Jorja’s main priority.

JORJA'S QUOTE: “Your never fully dressed without great hair”

FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Olaplex no.6 is my favourite product because it is everything you want in a leave in! With so many benefits for all hair types! Who doesn’t love a styling product that also has the advantage of being a leave in treatment.... Winning!!”


Cheyenne was born and raised in Branson Missouri, one of America's biggest show towns. Now living in Queensland to connect with her Aussie heritage, Cheyenne has always carried her creative imaginative style with her, which led to the desire of becoming a hair and beauty stylist. To spread self confidence and self love.

Only recently starting her first year apprenticeship at Ebony Empire, Cheyenne has proven to be a natural and is ready to dive in the deep end and master new and exciting skills that the the Ebony Empire team can provide. Cheyenne states that it is a feeling of accomplishment when a career and passion come together.

CHEYENNE'S QUOTE: “Blessed are the hairstylists, for they bring out the beauty in others.”

CHEYENNE'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Kevin Murphy - Young Again Oil because you can feel how soft and smooth it makes the hair feel instantly! When I use it on my natural waves it shapes them perfectly without weighing them down!”



Hayley is Ebony Empires New Talent. Hayley loves to make our guests feel beautiful + to continuously learn all there is to know about the hair + beauty industry.

Hayley is not only our first year apprentice but also a makeup + beauty student.

HAYLEY'S QUOTE: "Curl it, Cut It, Dye It, at the end of the day Confidence is the best Hairstyle!"

HAYLEY'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: "Keune Brilliant Gloss Spray! I love how it completes the look by adding just the right amount of shine!"



Amanda is the friendly face you will see when you first enter Ebony Empire as our Receptionist and Beauty Therapist. Specializing in Spray Tans, Facials and Body Waxing, Amanda has worked in high end beauty salons and has been a part of the hair and beauty wholesale industry for most of her career.

AMANDA'S QUOTE: “Being Tan is my best alternative to being skinny!”

AMANDA'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Ebony Empires Signature Candle Range! They smell amazing and fresh! I love the smell of essential oils!”



Carolyn has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a passion for barbering and specializing in cutthroat shaves. Carolyn’s career highlights include choreographing a stage show with five different hairstyles and styling hair at the Melbourne cup. Carolyn loves nothing more than making people feel good about how they look and makes it a priority to have her guests walk out with a smile.

CAROLYN'S QUOTE: “It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

CAROLYN'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Favourite product hands down Keune power paste for a textured look that lasts.”



Damien is our New Talent Barber at Ebony Empire and has been with us since September 2020. Damien was previously a Tattoo Artist and as you can imagine has remarkable attention to detail! With Damien’s passion for barbering and artistic nature he has proven to be a natural at his new found craft!


"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice". - Brian Herbert

"Being a barber is about taking care of the people" - Anthony Hamilton

DAMIEN'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Keune 1922 Superior Shaving Cream because it is hydrating and great for sensitive skin, keeping the skin and faces happy and healthy!”



Jas is our 3rd year Apprentice from Brisbane and has been doing hair and beauty since 2016.
Jas loves perfecting a complete change! Loving to create a new and totally different Colour and Style for a guest that just might not be loving their current hair. Making her guests feel confident in themselves is the most rewarding part of her Job.

JAS'S QUOTE: “Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be!”.

JAS'S FAVOURITE PRODUCT: “Keune Recover Treatment as it does wonders in treating the hair and making it feel fresh and healthy!”