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Hair Extensions Aftercare

Hair Extensions Aftercare

Let our Accredited Hair Extension Specialists guide you on how to best care for your Remy Hair Extensions.


You would look after your extensions the same as if it were long hair you grew yourself. If you have never been able to grow your hair long before it could be because you are damaging it just as quickly as it grows. Caring for hair extensions is simple but vital to making your extensions last. Treat all extensions with care, after all they will not grow back if you yank at them with a brush, burn them with heating tools or kill them with chemicals. Be nice to them, you paid for them, so make sure you get your moneys worth. Spend time talking with your stylist and ask any questions you may have about how you should treat your particular method of hair extensions.

Hair extensions can become dry as they are no longer attached to a constant supply of natural oils from the scalp. They have already been processed to achieve colour and/or texture. Any additional processing, colouring or stripping will contribute to dryness. It is the natural oils from our scalp that helps to give our hair its shine and protects it from harsh elements such as chemicals, heat, uv and salt water. It is important for you to understand that because extension hair no longer has its own natural supply of oils, it lacks the ability to protect itself.


  • When brushing BE GENTLE
  • Use a tangle free brush at all times.

Ebony Empire have perfect brushes available and are specially designed for your extensions. Always brush from the bottom up and work up towards the bonds carefully avoiding them. As you are brushing if you find any tangles or knots, hold a section of your extensions just below the bonds so no pulling on your scalp occurs. Doing so also prevents any tugging on the extensions bonds. If you are rough with your extensions and tug too hard, you may have extensions come loose or even pull your own hair out from the scalp. If you are gentle this should never happen.

  • Never brush your hair extensions when wet.

Brushing your hair extensions while wet can stretch the cuticle of the hair causing slight damage to your extensions, causing loss of shine and making the hair brittle (this can also cause split ends). Brushing your extensions while wet can also loosen the bonds causing them to slip further down the strands of your hair. You may even find that a single extension may come completely out of your hair, if this does occur, your hair extension specialist can re-apply your extension back into its original position. Losing an extension is uncommon, however it can occur and is nothing to worry about.

  • Always brush your hair extensions prior to shampooing.

Prior to shampooing or wetting your hair you must ALWAYS brush your hair extensions while completely DRY.

  • Always use the products recommended by your hair extension specialist.

The absolute vital step in caring for your extensions is the products you use on them! Ebony Empire have their own recommended hair care range, including shampoos and conditioning treatments, that we have trialed and tested to specially look after our Remy Hair Extensions. These products are formulated with vital ingredients that ensure protection of the health, shine and silky feel of the hair, as well as keeping the bonds of the extensions strong and durable. Without the use of our products with your extensions we cannot guarantee their condition. 

  • Do not wash your extensions too often.

It is recommended to wash your hair extensions only when needed, for example If you have a build up of oils. If you are used to washing your hair everyday, it is better on your extensions if you use a dry shampoo every second day to help pro-long how often you wash them. The less you put your extensions through the longer they will last! The longer you leave between shampoos the better. It is best to wash your hair with medium to cool water temperature, as hot water could loosen the bonds together. To shampoo, dampen your hair, emulsify your shampoo in your hands and apply only to your scalp. DO NOT apply shampoo to your extensions unless you really need to. Make sure you get in-between all of your hair extension bonds (do so gently!). When it feels like you have covered your entire scalp then rinse. Repeat this step again, you should always shampoo your scalp twice. You will notice the shampoo will lather up better the second time. The first shampoo will remove any dirt and excess oils, the second shampoo will cleanse the scalp.

  • Never apply conditioner to the scalp.

When conditioning you should NEVER APPLY CONDITIONER TO THE SCALP or near the bonds. You only need to apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions. Use your fingers to gently and evenly apply the conditioner. Try not to pull at your extensions, if there is any knotting wait until your hair is dry to remove the knots with a tangle free hair extension brush. Rinse conditioner as normal. When you have rinsed all of the conditioner from your extensions, just squeeze out any excess moisture and use a towel in a downward motion to dry your extensions. You may squeeze your towel into your extensions but DO NOT be rough and DO NOT brush when wet!

  • Always use a leave-In treatment.

After towel drying your extensions you should always apply a leave-in treatment. It protects your extensions, seals the cuticles, stops frizz and is vital to keeping your extensions soft.

  • Blow-dry on a MEDIUM to COOL setting.

You may blow-dry your extensions or let dry naturally. Always blow-dry on a MEDIUM heat setting and make sure to end all blow-drying on a COOL setting. This seals down the cuticles of your extensions and helps them to keep their shine. You should never dry your scalp with your blow-dryer on a HOT setting as it may make the bonds loosen.

  • Do not sleep on your extensions when they are damp.

Never go to bed with your hair wet as laying on wet hair during the night may result in your extensions slipping. The bonds on your extensions are the strongest when DRY.

  • Avoid any heat applied directly to your bonds.

When using heating elements such as straighteners, curlers and blow-dryers, it is crucial to avoid getting heat on the bonds of your extensions. If you straighten over your extension bond it will most certainly come out.

  • Always use a heat protectant.

Heat protectant is recommended when using any heating tools. Pump spray mist heat protectants are best, avoid aerosol heat protectants as they could contribute to dryness.

  • Avoid products containing alcohol, sulfate and that are high in protein.

When styling your extensions avoid using any products that may have a drying effect on them. Anything that may have a drying affect on your natural hair will most certainly cause your extensions to dry out. 

  • Use a dry shampoo.

Your extensions should never stop you from doing what you love nor prevent you from having a healthy life style. You may do everything as normal, if you exercise everyday and generate an excess amount of sweat, try a dry shampoo each day to pro-long how often you need to wash your extensions.

  • Apply conditioner and plait your extensions before swimming.

Prior to swimming in salt water or chlorine it is vital to dampen your extensions and apply a conditioner or treatment, even on our natural hair salt water and chlorine can have a severe drying effect. Doing this will also pro-long your colour! Put your extensions into a plait when swimming to avoid tangling.


Any products that will make your natural hair feel dry & crunchy will most certainly have a quick & severe drying effect on your extensions.

The first time that you have your extensions applied, it is essential to re-visit your accredited stylist within the first fortnight of wear. Your stylist can then assess your extensions and make any future appointments that may be needed. Monthly blow-dry visits are recommended to ensure no matting or slipping. You should re-visit your stylist for a maintenance appointment to remove, re-tape & re-apply your extensions within 6-8 weeks from when your extensions were applied.


Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair? 

No, certainly not! If they are applied correctly by a professional and the correct type of extensions are used (suitable for your hair type), there should be no damage at all. Our Hair Extension Specialists have you covered!

This also applies with the removal of extensions. You can cause serious damage to your hair if you try and remove hair extensions yourself. This should always be done by a professional hair extension specialist with the correct hair extension remover solution. Remy Hair Extensions has a conditioning hair extension remover formulated to condition the hair and remove extensions gently and efficiently leaving no residue. No more harsh chemicals to remove extensions!

Can I Wear My Hair Up?

Yes! When hair extensions are applied correctly you should not be able to see the bonds of your hair extensions when wearing your hair up.

Can I Colour My Hair With Extensions In?

It is best to have a professional colour your hair before the extensions are applied, although with Remy Hair Extensions you can colour your hair with your extensions in as long as you have a professional do your colour for you. Remy Hair Extensions cannot guarantee your hair extensions if you colour them yourself. Even hair extensions of the very highest quality should never be lightened however, they may be coloured darker.

Are Hair Extensions A lot Of Maintenance?

No, with the correct products and care, your extensions will feel a part of you. The maintenance is fairly minimal and in our opinion definitely worth the beautiful flowing length and thickness of having Remy Hair Extensions!

What Does Remy Hair Mean?

“Remy Hair” from the French word “remis” means that the hair is collected with the cuticle layer facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in your natural hair. Remy hair is known for its amazing quality. It is shorn very close to the root and each strand is handpicked guaranteeing a smooth, glossy finish that looks and feels amazing. This collection process is a critical part of ensuring that the hair does not tangle when made into extensions.

100% top quality virgin (untreated) remy hair means the hair cuticle is intact, present and aligned in the same direction through-out the whole bundle of extensions exactly like our own growing hair. This reduces tangling, matting and keeps hair shiny with less breakage which makes the hair easier to manage. If the cuticles don't all run the same way, you will constantly get knots as the cuticles get tangled. Be assured that all hair by Remy Hair Extensions is and always will be 100% remy human hair. We use 100% ethically sourced Russian Double Drawn hair with minimal processing that is shed-free and incredibly soft. Our bonds are so durable that as long as you use the recommended products and care can last you up to 3 years!



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