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Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions

Our Remy Hair Extensions are the highest quality extensions on the market.

Remy Hair Extensions are applied by our qualified stylists and hair extension specialists (we 100% guarantee our application!) with a blend in cut + beautiful finish. 

  • The Highest Quality Extensions on the market that with the correct care will last 1-3 years of being worn (removed & reapplied as they grow out).
  • No bulky bonds! Extremely flat and flexible
  • Double drawn - meaning every hair is the same length for optimum thickness from bonds to ends! This is also crucial for a perfect blend in cut.
  • No Shedding
  • Remy Russian cuticle correct hair
  • No acid bath used or harsh chemicals, non fading colour
  • No silicon like coatings on the hair - just natural healthy human hair!


Remy Hair Extensions was founded by Amanda Roth (the owner of Ebony Empire) in 2009. Amanda is a Hair Extension Specialist and Educator. After spending years traveling the world training salons in all there is to know about hair extensions, Amanda was always searching for the absolute highest quality of hair extensions along her journey. Amanda now works directly with a hair extension factory to personally design and bring to the salons guests the highest quality of hair extensions available at an affordable price.